Northwave EC – Woodlands Ave 12 EC at Gambas by Hao Yuan

North Wave EC – Woodlands Ave 12 EC at Gambas Avenue Latest Tender by Hao Yuan. Near Woodlands Regional Centre and Causeway Point. Pricing and Showflat Here

Northwave EC Woodlands Sales Brochure Forum Review

Northwave EC is a housing development presently under construction on Singapore. Once it is finished there will be give or take 500 condos. The development is being built on land that has been leased from the Urban Redevelopment Authority on a leasehold of 99 years. This particular land parcel is situated at Woodlands Avenue 12, and many construction firms were interested in obtaining the lease. The bidding process earned millions of dollars for the URA as well as the government. The winning firm though is genuinely convinced that the money they will spend on the Northwave project will be recuperated once the condos are put up for sale.

Northwave EC Site Plan and Sales Brochure

Optimism about the profits of the development based on the Northwave EC Site Plan that could result from the sell out or near sell out of the condos at Northwave stem from the sales performance of similar developments that sold well previously. Experience has shown that the luxury and the high construction standards of condos are not enough by themselves to ensure strong sales. These are qualities that are needed yet without the complexes been in a good location it can difficult to sell units with any kind of speed. The positioning of Northwave though means that it is a project with strong prospects for succeeding. Being in the vicinity of Woodlands and not too far away from Sembawang is seen as being an advantage in terms of assisting in the sale of condos from Northwave Woodlands. This part of the island is one of the most popular outside of the capital and it is within easy reach of Singapore City. Future residents will be close to bus as well as MRT terminals so can travel to anywhere in the country. Drivers that move into the complex could also make use of the North South Expressway for traveling around the country.

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There will be community facilities that people who move into the complex will be able to use. For example Northwave EC Forum Review could have access to the Canberra Community Centre, the Woodlands Waterfront Park plus the Kampung Bahru Facility. These facilities on Northwave EC Site Plan will help people to adjust to their new houses, as well as feeling part of a wider local community. Shops are often seen as an extra reason for moving into a new home, especially if there is a choice of differing malls, and all of them within a short distance of the complex itself. To begin with there is the Sembawang Shopping Centre, where people could buy well-known brands or search for bargains all day long. With really well developed bus and MRT connections several other shopping malls are closer to hand.

Northwave EC Woodlands Prices and Review

Considering what schools are closest to the complex is something that parents will consider to be of the utmost importance. Parents will want to pick better schools, some of which have stricter rules regarding catchment areas. Some of the more notable schools and colleges. For example there is the Riverside Primary School, the Singapore American College, and also the Innova Junior College.

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